Adjustable height & Washable pillow

You are able to continue experiencing a clean, comfortable, and refreshing sleep.

We've produced more than 720,000 pcs.

The ultimate shape we have reached.

We are highly committed to design, material, and function. Our signature KM03J has 41 degree curves on both edge which fits perfectly to your spine curve providing smooth rollovers during sleep.

More than 90 years of history.

The quality gained through years of history.

We have started our business originally as cotton sheets wholesaler in 1923 and have more than 90 years of history of producing sleep-related goods. We have already sold over 720,000 pieces in Japan and received lots of good reputation through the years.

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Our primary goal is to bring the world the fresh morning starting with "Good Morning!!" greeting. Good pillow is essential for quality sleep. Our product is not a pillow. It is GOOD SLEEP.

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